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silhouette rimless 7719 titan dynamics

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Frame Brand/Model Silhouette Rimless - 7719 Titan Dynamics
Shape: Rectangle
Gender: Unisex
Hinge Type: Spring Hinge
Material: Metal
Rim Type: Full Rim
Sunglass Clipon: Not Included
Color Color Code Color Group Size Set
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 48-19-140-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 48-19-135-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 50-19-140-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 52-17-135-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 52-19-140-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 50-19-135-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 54-17-135-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 54-19-145-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 51-17-130-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 49-17-130-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 53-17-135-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 54-21-150-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 53-21-140-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 53-19-140-N/A
August Dawn 6060 August Dawn 53-19-145-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 48-19-140-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 48-19-135-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 50-19-140-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 52-17-135-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 52-19-140-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 50-19-135-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 54-17-135-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 54-19-145-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 51-17-130-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 49-17-130-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 53-17-135-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 54-21-150-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 53-21-140-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 53-19-140-N/A
April Leaves 6061 Multicolor 53-19-145-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 48-19-140-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 48-19-135-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 50-19-140-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 52-17-135-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 52-19-140-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 50-19-135-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 54-17-135-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 54-19-145-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 51-17-130-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 49-17-130-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 53-17-135-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 54-21-150-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 53-21-140-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 53-19-140-N/A
December Shadows 6059 Brown 53-19-145-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 48-19-140-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 48-19-135-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 50-19-140-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 52-17-135-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 52-19-140-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 50-19-135-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 54-17-135-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 54-19-145-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 51-17-130-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 49-17-130-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 53-17-135-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 54-21-150-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 53-21-140-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 53-19-140-N/A
February Breeze 6052 Multicolor 53-19-145-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 48-19-140-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 48-19-135-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 50-19-140-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 52-17-135-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 52-19-140-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 50-19-135-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 54-17-135-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 54-19-145-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 51-17-130-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 49-17-130-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 53-17-135-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 54-21-150-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 53-21-140-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 53-19-140-N/A
January Frost 6050 White 53-19-145-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 48-19-140-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 48-19-135-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 50-19-140-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 52-17-135-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 52-19-140-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 50-19-135-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 54-17-135-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 54-19-145-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 51-17-130-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 49-17-130-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 53-17-135-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 54-21-150-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 53-21-140-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 53-19-140-N/A
July Sparkling 6053 Multicolor 53-19-145-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 48-19-140-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 48-19-135-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 50-19-140-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 52-17-135-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 52-19-140-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 50-19-135-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 54-17-135-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 54-19-145-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 51-17-130-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 49-17-130-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 53-17-135-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 54-21-150-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 53-21-140-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 53-19-140-N/A
March Dewdrops 6051 Multicolor 53-19-145-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 48-19-140-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 48-19-135-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 50-19-140-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 52-17-135-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 52-19-140-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 50-19-135-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 54-17-135-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 54-19-145-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 51-17-130-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 49-17-130-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 53-17-135-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 54-21-150-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 53-21-140-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 53-19-140-N/A
May Weekend 6055 May Weekend 53-19-145-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 48-19-140-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 48-19-135-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 50-19-140-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 52-17-135-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 52-19-140-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 50-19-135-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 54-17-135-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 54-19-145-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 51-17-130-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 49-17-130-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 53-17-135-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 54-21-150-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 53-21-140-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 53-19-140-N/A
November Chestnut 6054 Brown 53-19-145-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 48-19-140-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 48-19-135-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 50-19-140-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 52-17-135-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 52-19-140-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 50-19-135-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 54-17-135-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 54-19-145-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 51-17-130-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 49-17-130-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 53-17-135-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 54-21-150-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 53-21-140-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 53-19-140-N/A
October Harvest 6058 Tortoise 53-19-145-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 48-19-140-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 48-19-135-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 50-19-140-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 52-17-135-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 52-19-140-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 50-19-135-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 54-17-135-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 54-19-145-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 51-17-130-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 49-17-130-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 53-17-135-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 54-21-150-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 53-21-140-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 53-19-140-N/A
September Rainbow 6056 Brown 53-19-145-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 48-19-140-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 48-19-135-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 50-19-140-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 52-17-135-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 52-19-140-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 50-19-135-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 54-17-135-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 54-19-145-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 51-17-130-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 49-17-130-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 53-17-135-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 54-21-150-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 53-21-140-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 53-19-140-N/A
June Sunrise 6057 Multicolor 53-19-145-N/A

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Additional Info

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SECURITY BEGINS WITH TRUST provides you with the finest prices and most convenient online retail experience. presents the most competitive prices on prescription lenses and coatings, with all the premier brands, including Essilor, Hoya, Carl Zeiss and Seiko. Silhouette Rimless - 7719 Titan Dynamics eyewear are sold wholesale prices and can be combined with any lens and coating combination.
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